Sunday, April 13, 2008

Summer in April!

It is almost 6pm and is still hanging steady at just about 90 degrees.....and its only April!! Woohoo, but I hate to think what this means for the summer!

I leave for Chicago on Thursday morning!! Just about the worst timing ever at school....I have so many groups projects going, with two of them due on Monday, but I am so excited about the wedding! Granted, I have never met at least 90% of the people who will be there, I have not seen the ones I have met in so long I can't even count the years. And, I have a super cool dress to wear, get to spent a day with the bridesmaids getting our nails done, and get my hair and makeup done before the wedding. It should be a grand old time. I will post pictures when I get back!

Once I get back I only have 3 weeks of classes left (or something like that)...Than I am flying home for a few days, coming back to work a few days, then flying off again to go to Portland to visit Miss Angie!!!!!!! Yipee!!

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