Monday, April 21, 2008

The Joining of the Irish and the Lithuanian

This was the weekend of the big wedding! I flew out to Chicago this past Thursday morning, with a nice stop in Denver. My cousin picked me up at the airport and we went back to her place and had a little get together with some of the wedding party....Then Friday was when it got really busy!

Friday morning the bridal party went to the spa for nails fun and the groomsmen went to play golf. Then we headed for the rehearsal and dinner. That is where the fun began for me....there were soooo many of my family members there; most of who I had never met. The rehearsal went well; I was the first one down the aisle, so that was a bit scary.

The actual wedding took place on Saturday, and we got a pretty early start. We left the hotel for our hair appointments The flower girl was so excited because she got to come along with the big girls to do her hair. And, she was cute! One the way back to the hotel, some of us got lost...did ot go over big with my cousin, Erin. Opps, but it all worked out in the end. We got back to the hotel for make-up. We had a Mac make-up artist there who used an airbrush, and let me say, I do not like wearing make-up, but it was actually awesome!! It went on so light it was like it was not even there.

Once we were done and ready, the bridal party took a land yacht to the church. Wow, was that thing great. Marble floors, decked out sound system, mural on the ceiling, and a good amount of alcohol. And on the way to the church it began to pour! But, once we arrive and the wedding got started, it was beautiful. And more importantly, I did not trip coming down the aisle....would that not have been the best way to start a wedding?!? The ceremony as in a Lithuanian Catholic church (his family is Lithuanian) and was a bit on the religious side, but beautiful none the less. Once the ceremony was over it was picture time at the church before we got kicked out for confessional. Of course when it was time to leave the rain returned, but we got to take the land yacht to the reception hall...We were out of the liquor in about 10 minutes!

Once at the reception hall it was time for more pictures...and man did we take a lot of them. The wedding photographers took over 1200 pictures throughout the wedding! But, we had a lot of fun with them. The reception finally got started about 3 hours later, which was great as well because it brought together both Irish and Lithuanian traditions. Her dad (my uncle) gave a great speech that made just about everyone cry. The reception went on until about 1130, when we basically got kicked out of the hall, so we headed back to the hotel to continue the party in the lobby where we were introduced to a homemade Lithuanian honey liquor. Just about the strongest thing that I have ever tried, but it tasted like apple pie...cinnamon and nutmeg. My dad and I did not even get back to the room until after 3am.

My dad took me to the airport yesterday for my flight home, which seemed like the longest flight of my life. I was so tired I just want to sleep, but couldn't on the plane. Once I finally landed into San Diego (late) i made my way to the shuttle to get back to my car. Lucky me I got this driver that was the old gay man that decided that he needed to vent his entire life story to me...then asked me if I wanted to be his roommate!! Oh my!! I just wanted to get home!

But, I finally made it home, ran in the door and crashed for about 12 hours! But, I had to be up early this morning to finish a project for school...that is done now, so it is relax time!!

Oh...a little funny story. My dad flew out to St. Louis so he could drive his mom up to the wedding. Friday morning there was an earthquake in southern IL!!! He must have brought them with him!! It was just the first of many! Good going!

Next stop is home in May...then off to Portland to see Angie!! Woohoo!!!!


Summer said...

oh my god. river dancers (although i assume they werent. lithuanian dancers? perhaps?). I wouldve lost my sh!t. i love that stuff.

Erica said...

They were actually Irish dancers...the one in green is one of the world champions!! My cousin was an Irish dancer for 13 years. It was part of the Irish was great. I wish I would have learned that as a child!

Summer said...

oooooh yeah that makes sense!!

susannah said...

okay, ive asked this once before but i never got an answer--what the eff is a LAND YACHT? and why are there no pictures of this illusive land yacht? im so confused...

oh! and when are you home in may?? im home may 14-19

Erica said...

Land yacht....a giant limo with marble floor, murals on the ceiling, 3 flat screen tvs, 14 sub woofers, and lots of alcohol. A bit much, but so much fun!! I'll be home May 18 - 22! Yippee!!