Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ok, I know Susannah had this first, but it is so cool I just had to steal it!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Gotta Love LA!

My friend Claire and I have been waiting for months for the Matchbox Twenty concert that we bought tickets to months ago....and it was finally last night!! Let me start by saying that it was quite possibly the best concert I have EVER been to, and I have been to my fair share of concerts! So I left work a few hours early yesterday and we left on our little adventure to the Staples Center in LA and got there early enough to get dinner, then we made our way through downtown LA to the Staples Center, which was kinda cool because I had never been there before. The first band that came on, Mutemath, was pretty decent, but more than anything, very entertaining. They were performing all kinds of acrobatics and did a really cool drum thing at the end. At the end of their set, though, they were like are you all ready for the next band!?! And who come out next....freaking Alanis Morissette!!!!! We had no idea she was here, so we were so excited. She was AWESOME!!! After her came Matchbox Twenty, and they played for 2 full hours! Man was that a great show! The only downfall....we did not leave LA until after 1130pm (its an hour and a half drive home), and we had a midterm this morning. So worth it, though! Good thing the midterm went well!!

While I am on the subject of shows, last week we went to see Bob Saget and 4th & B downtown (San Diego that is)! I knew ahead of time that he was a very vulgar man, but man is he ever!! I spent the night crying because I was laughing so hard, while at the same time just shocked at some of the things coming out of his mouth...not really shocked; it was more like, "did he really just say that?" Come to think of it....that show was the night before our midterm for that weekend long class, which actually turned out to be a pretty not so bad class! Now I just have to get through class tonight, then I finally have a day off tomorrow!! Woohooo, its a about time for one of those!

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Looooooong Weekend

This weekend to come is going to be a really long weekend...actually I don't have a real day off for at least two and a half weeks. But, this weekend...one of my teachers had to take a personal leave this semester for whatever reason, but of course he teaches one of the most important classes of the degree, Public Health Law and Ethics. Because it is such an important class, they could not just cancel it, so they decided to hire another professor for the course. The bad news, she lives in South Carolina...and instead of the class being taught over 17 weeks it will be taught in 3 looooooong days!!! Now, I have read a little bit of the book, and it does not seem too bad, but any class taught in 3 days is not good. Oh my!!!!! Wish me luck!!