Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who Would Have Ever Thunk It?

I have always been a PC girl, never owned a Mac...But today I invested in a new MacBook laptop for myself. Who would have thought the day would ever come!?! I have been hearing really good things about them from my dad and many others, and even better, I got a discount through my school. So far I am really liking it, so we will see!!! Yeah me!! Oh, the wonders of having a real job! ;)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's Jordan!!

So, I have known about this band (30 Seconds to Mars) for quite a while now, and even knew that Jared Leto was the lead singer (and his brother is the drummer), but it was just recently that I saw one of their videos. Very strange to see the guy who played Jordan Catalano in make up and rocking out....oh well he still looks good!!!

And here is another one I found by a band called 10 Years. There is another version of this video with Brad Renfro, the singer's cousin. Apparently this song is about his (Brad's) heroin addiction. Who would have known? Anyway, this version was done for Amnesty International...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Feels Like Summer!

I just wanted to start by saying it is 75 degrees outside right now....and supposed to be 80 tomorrow!!! Haha!

Now, I'm sorry that still have not really posted much recently, but I am so unbelievably busy. I only have one day off a week between school and work, and that is not really a day off because it is mostly spent doing homework. But, excuses excuses, I know. Oh well, not much has really happened that is too terribly interesting anyway.

I am, however, going to be participating in a HUGE emergency drill here in San Diego (I hope, the final planning for the few of us is in the works, including how much we will really be able to be involved, hands-on or spectator), which officially takes place in July, but I will be attending some planning events between now and then too. The drill is called Golden Phoenix and is not just a drill here, but it involves agencies at all levels: local, state, federal (FBI and CDC!!!), and probably some international, at the very least Mexico. The simulation will be a real time release of a bioterrorism agent, althoough I'm not sure if we are supposed to say exactly what agent yet. I can't wait for the real drill this summer. Of course we will not be allowed in on all of the event, or details, because a lot of it remains classified, but it should still be fun! The plan is, for me at least, to get in contact with some of the CDC people who are playing in the drill and latch myself to them (if they agree) so I can see how such an agency would be involved in such an event. And, since the CDC is where I want to end up, that would be a perfect match!! I don't know many of the scenario details yet, but I will post about them when I can!!!

Oh, on another brother turns 22 next week!!! Man does that make me fell like I'm getting old!